Professional Industrial Flooring Tips

Choose the best product. Sounds easy, right? You might be astounded how often the busy facility managers tend to end up with floor coatings that does not meet their needs and is more expensive than necessary. Let an expert concrete floor coating factory survey your place in a comprehensive manner before they give you advise. In addition, endure that their manufacturer gives a complete line of commercial flooring products that would include a lot of different polymer technologies.

Think foundationally. There was a time when a friend asked me if his crumbling concrete staircase will benefit from industrial coating. And I answered him, yes, if they like climbing to rooms. So as to say, the staircase is destined to become rubble and there is no concrete sealer that can change this. The industrial flooring is the substrate to which it is used. Is it important for the slab to be perfect? Definitely not. The concrete crack repairs as well as patchings are usually required before the coating is applied. On the other hand, it is vital for the slab to be sound. How can you tell that the condition of the concrete floor is good? It will take some science and a whole heap of experience. Once again, a professional help is the key.

Check the prep – preparing the concrete floor slab is considered to be the most vital part of the job. Be certain that you know and understand what the food processing flooring supplier recommends – then make sure to check if this is included in the proposal of the installer.

Allow suitable cure time – the moment that the floor paint is installed and seems to be dry, then the pressure is placed on the traffic of the floor. Make sure not to give in. Let the boss and the crew know that they will be jeopardizing the functionality of the floor by way of pushing the clock. Instead, be certain that you have scheduled the allowable downtime to let the new industrial floor coating to completely cure. If you expect that this will be a problem, then make sure to ask your rep regarding one of the new faster curing concrete resurfacing choices.

Treat ‘er well. Ask for a maintenance manual for the new floor coatings. And be sure to make a cleaning schedule in accordance to the recommendations and stick with it. With suitable upkeep, the industrial floors will give you years of service. To learn more click at

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